Monday, November 29, 2010

Morocco in the making.

Just a quick note on our upcoming travels.
My brother who lives in Luxembourg was recently married and had a baby named Lia whom I have yet to meet!!  In less then 2 months My Avalon and I are going on a jet set tour to Luxembourg to welcome our new family member.

I have been trying to organize a little side trip while we are all the way across the pond.  Paris?  Nah, too dirty.  Rome?  A bit too expensive.  Africa?.....why yes, that sounds about right.  

Right in the middle of our European trip we are going to slip away to Morocco for a few days and see what Moroccan life is all about.......and we couldn't be more excited!   

Details to come.

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  1. a brother in Luxembourg, who da thunk.. very cool. Mary and i lived in Luxembourg for about 6 months back in the 70's when we were galavanting around the world with our tribe (three of em at that time). Saw the 1st STAR WARS film at the movie palace in Luxembourg.. Morocco, very exotic side trip in deed, look forward to reading the post of that adventure...