Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bad News and Big Challenges.

I suppose this is what blogging is all about, being open and transparent despite the overwhelming urge to quit and log off?

Sadly, we are not going to Morocco.  Over the past few months I have spent more time in the doctors office then I care to admit.  Wavering from being slightly uncomfortable to being in blinding agony. With a battery of tests results coming in before Christmas I assumed I'd be on some kind of dosage to clear this problem up by now.  Now such luck.

On Tuesday Dec 21 I was kindly told by my doctor that he believes I have Crohn's Disease.  Along with that he "strongly recommends" I do not travel to Europe and I should absolutely not be going to Africa.  Imagine someone smacking you with wooden bat - that's how I felt.  Going beyond the ability to travel in the next month; what about the rest of my life?  That was all I could think.

My goals differ largely than the general population and the intensity of these goals is great.  How would I ever climb the Inca Trail with Crohn's Disease?  What about my dreams of joining Doctors Without Borders?  Becoming a midwife?  How could I ever commit to catching a baby; let alone catching a baby on my knees in a hut in the middle of nowhere.  Crohn's Disease does not translate well to building houses in Bolivia, dragging my offspring to see Penguins in Argentina, or finally making it to the Yukon to have tea with an old friend.

I know I know, I am getting ahead of myself.  Well, for those who know me shouldn't be surprised cause that is the speed I exist at and there is nothing I can do about that.  All I saw last week was "You can't do this cause you might be sick with this" which my mind translates into "You can never do anything you want or need to do because you ARE sick with this".  It is a curse to have this mind but in the same breath you all should be so lucky.  My mind is a fascinating place.

Moving forward.  I am going to Europe anyhow (shocked?  naw...) but will not be visiting Africa.  My doctor (who is a very adventurous and motivating man) made it clear that undiagnosed and untreated Crohn's Disease can be very very dangerous and being alone with My Avalon in a country such as Morocco is possible the worst idea.  Ok, I hear you Doc.

In the mean time I await phone calls from other doctors to schedule horrible and truly humiliating tests to get to the bottom (no pun intended) to of the agony I have become so accustomed to living with.  As long as those tests do not occur between January 24th and February 6th I will gladly take those calls.

T-Minus 24 days until Europa Europa.


  1. Medical science is advancing by the day. With genetic and other treatments, I am sure that a cure to chrons is not that far of.

    None the less, I wouldn't let debilitation stop you from travling.

    What don't you have there that you would have here?

  2. like this stuff. THey have clinical trials sometimes too