Friday, December 10, 2010

Closing Gaps and Creating Self.

One of the finest benefits of working for an airline is the ability to close gaps.  Sometimes those gaps are grand, a 9 hour flight to Luxembourg City to meet my new niece for example (stayed tuned, I will be closing that gap in January) but sometimes the gaps seem tiny despite their great importance.

A small but tremendously important part of my family lives in a tiny Manitoba town called Morden.  An hour or so south of Winnipeg hovering above the US border.

In a tragic twist of fate I lost my father at a young age and in this tiny town lives his blood lines and my only connection left to the life he had before me, my mother and brother.  They are some great people who I don't get to see as often as I wish but as often as life will allow; and this fall my life allowed a quick catch up.

Closing gaps like this are equally as exciting, rewarding and adventurous as the gaps I have between me and, say the Inca Trail or The Great Wall.  I see myself in this part of my family and even more exciting I see Avalon in them.

I remember the moment I felt the hugeness of the world, the exact moment.  I was sitting in the Citadel in Budapest watching the sunset.  It was an amazing time in my life and helped to create me and define me but nothing is more effective in creating a sense of self then knowing where you come from.  This is where I come from.

I may travel the world, I may see many things and they will all change me but I am from a tiny town in the south of Manitoba, Canada.  My family is strong, proud Icelanders and so am I.

It seems so simple, but shouldn't life be that simple?


  1. Love you Amanda and Avalon!

  2. Very nicely written.
    I love how you love your family and most importantly you seem to be a fantastic mother <3